Terms of Sale -- Great Lakes Reptile
All animals are healthy when they leave our store. You are responsible for their wellbeing. Remember, all pets are a commitments... They need care and attention just like we do - so please do NOT make a  spontaneous sale at our store.
When coming into the store, please treat our animals with respect and don't tap on cages and disturb them. Also, if there is any animals near the the registration counter - please do not pick them up. This includes our arachnid species we have in stock.
No sales to minors under 18 for any large or particularly dangerous animals. This includes, but are not limited to: particularly large boid species and aggressive large lizards including members of the  Varanus family. Large animals are capable of inflicting serious injuries if mishandled.
Absolutely no sales of VENOMOUS animals to minors under 21 or any suspicious individuals. Some species of arachnids such as members of the buthid family (including but are not limited to: Hottentotta, Androctonus, Parabuthus, Mesobuthus, Buthacus, Apistobuthus, Centruroides, Leiurus spp.) of scorpions, as well as  Latrodectus and Loxosceles species are considered extremely dangerous and their venom is medically significant. We only sell to sane people... And this is left to our discretion. We require valid ID and a valid reason why you are obtaining any dangerous species.
We are glad to answer any of your questions on your animals, so please do not hessitate to ask.